Furnirussi Tenuta, Serrano, Italy

“Take me back to this tranquil location!” Not a bad place to be at, sunbathing poolside with a glass of chill rosé, soaking up the warm rays while reading a good book. A book that makes me feel good. I loved watching the little geckos run around the trimmed grass and listen to the chirping birds that sat in the surrounding citrus trees. This place was designed for relaxation, where the most stressful thought came from choosing lunch from the menu! Now beautiful and calm november has fallen upon us, it is wonderful to look back at our summer memories as they only bring a smile to my face.

Poolside attire: A chunky chain, a large colourful scarf to wrap around when walking about and neon aviators. I loved swimming laps around this lake-style pool or reading on the soft edge dipping my feet in the water. Poolside lunch was so delicious, my favourite was the carpaccio with a gazpacho soup. So fresh and full of flavour. Mr. N often ate a juicy steak and cheese focaccia with seasonal vegetables. So heavenly that melted in your mouth! Have a wonderful Sunday lovely readers, make great memories that last a life time. Be thankful for today!




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