Como, Lombardy Italy


What a day we had at Como, it was the best ever!! Just like these three greyhounds, Como has a subtle elegance to it with a humble attitude. It has a type of flair that tends to impress, a sense of history with beautiful mountain peaks and characteristic houses. My friend and I took the train to Como from Milan to visit my childhood friend who moved to Italy when we were much younger. Our journey there began in the morning as we headed to the train station. We managed to make it on the correct train but ended up purchasing the wrong tickets. We felt like such lost tourists, nobody spoke english so we just sat down hoping to not get kicked out to some dodgy train stop! We were let easy though, the ticket checkers just laughed and smiled when they saw our ticket, I’m thinking they actually felt sorry for us. It was a quick 36 minutes and as we stepped out from the train station, my beautiful friend (who btw looked like she fell out a Ralph Lauren ad.) was waiting for us with her three heart capturing spanish greyhounds. She looked quite impressive standing there with these dogs! They instantly melted my heart with their kindness and gentle souls. I missed my friend so much and seeing her meant so much to me! We reconnected instantly and time just flew on from here. She drove us to the centre, where we walked around town, the lake and stopped for wine to enjoy the beauty of Como. The air felt fresher than in Milan and I loved the idyllic roads and gardens that we passed when driving to a nearby town for some more sparkly! We passed Clooneys house, I was going to take photos of the stunning lake views, but my friend drove so fast past everything, my camera stayed firmly shut :D! Thank you M! We enjoyed a fabulous lunch where M’s fiance also joined us. I had a swordfish carpaccio and tuna tartar. Light and fresh, perfect in my opinion! Time flew by way too fast and we were even contemplating on staying the night there. We probably would have, if we were not flying back home the next day. In the end we left back to Milan at 9pm with wonderful warm memories that I will cherish forever!

Black & White. I’m wearing a white silk blouse with lace on the sleeves and black shorts with boots. Something fresh and simple that worked from early morning to late evening. I will for sure be going back, next time I want to visit the sweet nearby towns like Bellagio and Verona. Como was the highlight of our trip, we had such a blast and thank you to my amazing friend and her fiance! We will be back!





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