Nordic Fur In Milan


Milan, Italy

We walked around the noisy streets of Milan and it was refreshing to see that nobody was in a hurry. We stopped to admire little boutiques, bakery windows and smelled fresh espresso (with the occasional mix of cigarettes) being served during lunch. I love how couples show affection so openinly here, especially older people. There is nothing more cuter than an old grandpa giving a kiss to her just as old wife. Glamorous women wore high heels while strutting along the old cobbeled roads and the lovely sun rays made the pale streets look beautifully bright and alive. We lunched slowly outside, enjoying burrata, carpaccio and a bottle of dry Gavi wine and we just held on to that moment in life. It was a carefree feeling and my fur vest was the perfect day and evening attire, luxuriously cozy.

This time of year, I love to wrap up in warm fur vests as it is the ultimate stylish winter wardrobe. My long fox vest is natural in colour with deep pockets and the design is quite slim and light. I’m not that keen of the overly puffy vests as it gives too much volume and a bit of “stiff vibe“, I prefer the droopy loose ones that are more relaxed and effortless. The best thing about this vest is that is has been given a “WILD” stamp meaning it is truly an ethical item.

” A truly ethical fur collection” -ELLE

“WILD products use only animals that were born and have lived in their natural environment in the Finnish wilderness. They were either involved in traffic accidents or have been hunted for natural conservational reasons. The wild origin is assured by the Wild Finnish Fur Label. WILD offers a responsible and ethical alternative for wearing fur.”

Vest/Marita Huurinainen, shirt/ Zara, Necklace/ Chanel, Gloves/ Gucci, Sunglasses/Rayban



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