Time for some winter baking!

Hello Darlings! As the holiday seasons are upon us, I thought I would share this mousse recipe that is light and tasty, perfect for a dinner party or just if your craving for a little something sweet. After all it is December and we are meant to be spoiling others and of course ourselves, once in a while too. You can alter this recipe according to your liking and even make it more seasonal by adding some mulled wine, cinnamon or gingerbread. This mousse is based on a creamy mascarpone and philadelphia cheese that has a refreshing lemon twist to it! The mousse is topped with toasted honey walnuts and sour lingonberry, my favourite! Enjoy xo

Directions (about 4 servings)

1) Add the vanilla seeds and icing sugar (about 3 tablespoons) into the cream and whip until solid. Mix in the mascarpone and Philadelphia cheese along with some lemon zest. (Check for flavour, add more sugar if you don’t think it is sweet enough)

2) Place the gelatine leaves into cold water for about 7 minutes until they soften. Now heat about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Squeeze the excess water off the gelatin and stir them into lemon juice so they dissolve. Once the juice cools a bit mix it into the whipped mixture. Ps- you can switch the lemon into an orange for that traditional Christmas taste!

3) Scoop the mixture into cups or glasses and refrigerate for about 3 hours so they begin to set.

To garnish: Toast some walnuts in a bit of salt. Once they have toasted, roll them around in a bit of honey. Add some lingonberry and coconut flakes on top of the mousse. You can also sprinkle some gingerbread cookies instead of coconut flakes to incorporate some Christmas flavours.






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