December 12th: Winter Salad


“Have yourself a merry little christmas too…” We still do not have any snow in Finland, the grass is green, the sea is open and the weather is not that cold either. It would be nice to a have a bit of snow for Christmas, just so the ground fills with a white blanket that is so beautiful and light. I hate if it snows too much because it just complicates everything and it takes forever to melt! We’ve been having crazy wind storms here and last night, the glass from my balcony shattered into pieces! However, I do love a good storm though when I’m cozied up at home under a warm blanket with a cup of tea!

Even if it’s not that wintery outside, the atmosphere at home is warm and Christmasy . Our candles are constantly lite, the fireplace is on and there are subtle hints of christmas scattered ain each room. Today I decided to get some fresh red salad from the market and made Mr. N and I a lovely seasonal salad. The dish is inspired by Nigella Lawson as she loves to use red salad during the this time of year.  It has a tangy bitter flavour to it thus works well with creamy rich cheeses! The colour is vibrant and deep so appropriate for the holiday season.  All you need is red salad, baby leaves if your choice, rich feta cheese (or blue cheese), lingonberry, pear slices and a drizzle of good olive oil with ground black pepper. You can also add some figs, toasted nuts and drops of blackcurrant jam to add some sweetness!


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