Seaside Drinks in a Cherry Red Maxi


Otranto, Italy

It was a beautiful sunset & a date night with my love. Once in a while, I love to get dressed up especially for an evening out with my man. This outfit embraces an uncomplicated silhouette; a simple lace tee and a loose maxi in a bold saturated colour. A cherry red to be exact. The only thing I am missing, is my saint-tropez style beach basket! My evening attire is nothing overly fancy, but it is effortlessly glamorous and suitable for this sweet coastal town. With this look, I can easily go buy some fruits in the local market or order a lobster lunch!

The calm after the storm. Our evening began with chilled glasses of wine at a lounge bar on the edge of the sea. It was romantic and beautiful, we curiously watched the fisherman pass with their boats and once the sun began to set, a shade of pink spread across the sky. After drinks and a bit of a walk around the seashore, we went for dinner in a cozy place in the old town. We ate antipasti, seafood, fish and lingini, very delicious! We sat outside enjoying this amazing meal when all of a sudden the wind began to pick up and it started to rain. This didn’t bother us as we were sitting under a covered porch, and it really was quite romantic with the rain drops. I remember giving Mr. N a kiss and saying how lovely the gentle drops were. (yeah those famous last words!) As I was finishing my tuna steak, the rain and wind began to pick up and it started to thunder. The lighting moved close and really fast. It was about 3-4 seconds away from us when people started to get up from their seats as the rain was almost horizontal at this point! The slippery streets were flooding, the thunder was echoing against that narrow paths and all of a sudden, everything goes pitch black. Oh no an electricity shortage in the entire town! I literally couldn’t see Mr. N sitting across of me! Thank god the lights were out only for about 10 seconds (that felt like forever) but with the rain escalating we were getting soaked so the restaurant owner told us and the rest of his guests to take cover in his cellar as the inside of the restaurant was so full! So all the guests, including us grab their wine glasses and head for cover! We all laughed, cheers-ed and talked with each other in this cellar and waited for the rain to pass. Mr. N and I just looked at each other and laughed! Thank god we had just about finished our dinner so we just thought the overall experience was great and memorable. We finished our wine, paid and left. We had the best time and once we got into our hotel room and had a warm shower, it was the best feeling to put on dry pajamas and crawl under crispy white bed sheets! As we woke up the next morning, I looked through our window and the sea was calm and the sky was once again crystal blue. The air felt clean and it was a new great day was ahead of us!




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