Pump it up Smoothie.


Good morning my lovely readers,

… and by pumping it up, I mean boosting my immune system, vitamin and mineral levels! I’m so glad the weekend is here, I had a relaxing friday last night and just watched a movie and went early to bed and drank about a litre of lemon juice to fight this upcoming flu! I have a bit of swore throat and my ears are itchy too… oh I don’t want to get sick!  I’m eating lot’s of vitamins and now I’m enjoying this super healthy berry smoothie. You need lingonberry, lemon, quark, ginger and an orange. Top it of with some coconut, chia and kiwi! Fresh & delish! Mr. N is still sleeping, I’ve already been out with the dog and now enjoying some me time with a bit of interior inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend xx


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