Coconut Morning


Good Morning! Can’t believe we only have 8 days till Christmas!’

From time to time, I crave for fresh coconut. So this morning was truly a wonderful one as I found 3 little coconuts in our kitchen that Mr. N had surprised me with. Coconuts are the best thing to snack on when watching a movie with its dense texture and earthy flavour. It reduces sweet cravings and I think tastes much better than candy! Oh how I’ve missed you coconut! It also has strong antioxidant properties and numerous health benefits. It increases metabolism with its high fiber levels, lowers cholesterol and is rich in protein. This morning I’ve made a coconut smoothie to boost my immune system and to gain vitamines B and C. I’ve also used a bit of the coconut water in the smoothie that allows you to  alter the sweetness of it. If you have a bit of a flu like I do, I suggest you try this little miracle!

Have a great day xo


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