December 17th- Napkin Wreaths


‘Hey there lovely readers!’

In the background plays Celin Dion’s “these are the special times” Christmas album and I’m in progress of making napkin holders for our Christmas dinner on the 24th. They will add a nice little touch to the table setting and anything homemade is always better. These are very easy to make and take only about 10 minutes or under to make one. For this you need wire, I am using a delicate thin wire to wrap the twigs around a thicker wire that I’ve created a base out of. The thinner wire is easy to handle and looks much more nicer on the little wreath. I’ve used some material from the forest that is not se sensitive to room temperature. It would be brilliant to mix rosemary in aswell to give that wonderful aroma to the table. In the end I added a bit of string to it for a bit of colour.  I love it! The picture below will help you show how to make the wreaths! Enjoy xo

In the first picture you can see the material that I used for the wreaths. I like the mix and match different branches so that the end result is light and delicate looking. In the following set of pictures, you can see the base of the wreath that is made from a thin wire into a circle. Then you need even thinner wire that you attach the twigs with and wrap it around the base.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!




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