Banana ‘Freeze’ in a Coconut Cup

coconut cup

Good Morning lovely readers!

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve finally been able to wake up at about 7.30 am. I have to say, I’m feeling rather impressed as it is still pitch black outside and it seems like the rest of the world is still sleeping, including my man and dog. As I look through my window, I see that only a couple of neighbours have their lights on, the roofs are rattling from this crazy storm and I’m so ready for a cup of green tea. Despite this *beep* weather outside, I feel content and happy at the moment. It feels safe and cozy to be home, and I’m bursting with energy and ready for new adventures.

One of the most typical New Years resolution by a lot of people is to be more healthy. I’ve really made it a lifestyle and love eating clean, good foods that are nourishing for the body. Yes I love butter, wine, meat and desserts but everything in moderation and in balance. After all the holiday goodies my body has been craving for something fresh and light, so I wanted to share this simple obsession of mine. Even though I love Christmas and all of its festivities, I have to say I’m so ready for spring. Shame that won’t be happening any time soon, as the coldest seasons are about to hit us, they’ve already promised -20 C for Sunday! Oh god!

Anyways, back to my healthy dessert… I love this pale eggshell yellow bowl of heaven as it is perfect in the evening or even just as a snack.  If  you have children, I think this would be a great substitute from ice-cream! To make a bowl for yourself, all you need to do is freeze 2 ripe banana’s that have been peeled and sliced into smaller pieces. (It doesn’t matter if the bananas have gone a bit dark, as this makes them more sweeter) Once frozen, blend them with thick greek yogurt. It becomes a sweet toffee like paste that is just so worth it, at least in my opinion! I’ve placed my “freeze” into this cutest little coconut and topped it off with blueberries. A bite of fresh coconut, blueberries and banana freeze is an explosion of all things good in your mouth! Try it out and let me know what you think! xxx Enjoy the weekend darlings!

coconut cup2

coconut cup3

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