Sunday White Knit & Rosy Cheeks

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Hey there lovely readers!

Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful weekend, we have spent most of the day outdoors gaining much-needed fresh air! I love the rosy cheeks from the coldness and the feeling when you come back home and your cheeks are tingling and alive! Today it snowed lightly, the sun was out and the temperature has dropped a couple of degrees from yesterday. I’m liking the brightness outdoors that automatically comes with the colder weather. We walked around our neighbourhood and now we are going to have dinner and watch a movie. I’ve noticed this time of year, I resort to comforting warm knits, often loose whites with some form of patterns. This one is a favourite at the moment, I like the different textures on the sleeves from the front. Today’s look is this cute knit with simple black pants, a large linen scarf and over the knee socks… casual but still quite intriguing.

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