Romantic Bohemian


Matera, Italy

If you take a sneak into the 2015 summer season, I would definitely call it Romantic Bohemian… where a ‘gypsy runaway’ meets a fair ‘garden gal’ a more natural spirit.  The gypsy, an empowered woman who stomps in wornout cowboy boots, a flowy maxi dress that perhaps wears just a tad too much eyeliner has large wind blown hair and colourful mirrored aviators. This strong look merged with a ‘ralph lauren-esq garden party lover’. This is a woman who wears romantic lace embroideries to floating silhouettes with the occasional flower head wreath. Little makeup, fresh white colours and something quite dainty. Bare feet of course. The strong versus the delicate is a powerful combination. These two trends meshed together is what the new season is all about! It is time to embrace the bohemian spirit as 2015 runways are floating with glamorous hippy designs! I for one love the boho look and can’t wait for all the spring/ summer collections to come into stores. Bring on the feathers, creamy whites and long backless dresses! Even though this dress is not a complete bohemian dress, it gives off some Pocahontas vibes and looks great with loose ankle boots.  I think the delicate style suits the feeling of the historic old town. It has an embroidered neck line that covers a bit of the shoulders circling the neck beautifully. The cream colour is soft and sensual and the hem and front are filled with small floral patterns that are barely visible. It was a hot day, one that I’m missing immensely right now!

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