Black Maxi in Italy


Monopoli, Italy

Gone black and white in a coastal town. My evening look is a black maxi skirt and a lace sleeveless top that has a sheer back. We are on our way for some fresh seafood at a local restaurant, so a black maxi is a good choice when eating with hands is involved! The large blue and white linen scarf adjusts the outfit to a more casual style while also adding some brightness to the monochrome palette. A black maxi is such an easy choice when you’re having wardrobe problems or can’t think of anything to wear… it miraculously works well with everything and can either have a neutral or strong effect on your style depending on which way you want to go. Black is always a good choice.

Hopefully everyone is having a pleasant Sunday, I had a wonderful day brunching with friends. Earlier I dropped off Mr. N at the airport so it’s just us girls ( my dog and I) at home for a while. At the moment there is a major snowstorm outside and I’m enjoying a cup of tea in bed with my laptop. I’ve got some carrots on plate next to me and I’m about to watch an easy going romantic comedy. My muscles are so swore from yesterdays workout but this pain is something I don’t mind! xxx




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