Breakfast in Bed

breakfast in bed1

Morning Bliss with a splash of figs in an oversized silk shirt

The morning sun shines straight into our bedroom lighting up the already white space creating a room full of life. The bedroom is one of my favourite rooms in the house, its clean and modern with eleven built-in closets that have high gloss white doors. The morning sun reflects beautifully off the closets making it easy to wake up in the mornings…well at least for me because I am a morning person to begin with! From the bedroom you can also reach a large mosaic bathroom that you can get a small glimpse from here. I’m planning on making a post on it someday! Anyways, I had a slow morning well spent in bed with a glass of yogurt that had chia, almonds and lots of fig in it… nutritious and delicious! I’ve also kept to my morning workouts and I’m feeling great about this new found energy I’m getting from the gym again.

breakfast in bed2

breakfast in bed

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