beetroot salad2

A Creamy Winter Salad

This time of year you crave for something oven roasted, a more comforting type of food that helps you get through the dark colder days. This wintery salad is made from oven roasted red beets that are in season and so delicious at the moment. You could also use turnips, swedes, carrots and a mixture of cabbages. I’ve roasted the beets with a bit of water on the base to of the oven dish to steam the roots and drizzled olive oil on top of them.  Once cooked I’ve peeled and chopped them on a plate with a bit of salt on top. To this I’ve added cottage cheese that is creamy and thick in texture. It also has avocado, zucchini and a bit of paprika. I’ve drizzled some olive oil on top along with black pepper, sesame seeds and thyme. I’ve also given a good squeeze of lemon and lime to add a bit of freshness to the otherwise quite creamy texture. This simple salad only has a few ingredients but they all support each other just the right way.

beetroot salad

beetroot salad3


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