Black on Black

black on black

Knit/ French Connection, Pants/ H&M, Boots/ Gabor


When in doubt, resort to black.

Black on black is always a safe choice that has an endless sophistication. Black never goes out of style and it has a certain feeling of comfort in it. I actually rarely wear black, but once I have an outfit on it feels fashionable and functional. Today’s outfit builds from a knitted peplum with 3/4 sleeves that has buttons on the shoulders. I’ve paried it with stretch leather pants with straps on the side and simple buckled boots. The outfit has some masculine vibes to it yet the peplum adds a touch of femininity. This look is easy-going, perfect for a day of running errands yet it is stylish enough to stop for a glass of champagne.

/Jos ei ole mitÀÀn pÀÀlle pantavaa, musta on aina hyvÀ varma valinta, sillÀ se edustaa ajatonta kauneutta. Totesin juuri itsekseni miten harvoin pidÀn sitÀ vÀriÀ! Kuitenkin, aina kun puen mustaa pÀÀlle, se tuntuu muodikkaalta ja helpolta. Musta puhuu itsestÀÀn, ei tarvitse selitellÀ mitÀÀn! PÀivÀn asuni koostuu erilaisista materiaaleista ja kontrastista. Peplum- mallinen neule tuo naisellista muotoa ja tiukat nahkahousut ovat vÀhÀn rajummat /maskuliinisemmat ja yhdistettynÀ asussa on mukavasti asennetta! NÀöllisesti pidÀn housujen reunojen rajoista ja ne antavat niille mukavasta joustavuutta!

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black on black3

black on black1

A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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