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Hi darlings!

Sorry for the brief absence in posting,I have had such a busy week working. I have been too exhausted to post when coming home, so I’m truly sorry! I’ve been waking up at 5am (by choice though) because the sooner I’m at work, the more I get done and the quicker I get home and it keeps me motivated! Even though it is super exhausting and so hectic, I’m not complaining though becuase it is for a short period in time! Today however, I had a free day and it was wonderful to not be in a hurry and enjoy a blissful moment at home. I’m in an early routine, so after my morning walk with the dog, I went to town for a bit of spring shopping. Yes! I found more white and blue silk tops with lace! How expected! Then I came home, put some candles on and took a relaxing moment to myself while Mr. N was resting.

Today we had some sunshine, which brought an extra smile to my face and I kept our balcony door open letting the beautiful rays in. At times, I just stood in the doorway with my eyes closed, soaking in the bright light. I can’t wait for spring to arrive when the days get longer and sun begins to shine properly! I enjoyed a good book,the smell of a scented candle while sipping on a creamy bowl of green goodness. I felt like I have been lacking in vitamins because of time constraints, so I wanted to make an extra healthy smoothie to give me a proper boost. Mr. N has the flu so I have been taking care of him and just enjoying the day at home. I did some cooking, cleaning and took a couple of long walks with the dog. Perfect. Nothing special but a true moment of loveliness, at least for me. Fresh flowers were the only thing missing, that would have made the day even better. I’m craving for tulips at the moment.

This delicious green smoothie is so thick and velvety, it really does it for me at least. I think it tastes like ice cream! I urge you to try it because it has a wonderful sweet flavour. To make the heavenly bowl, blend some banana, baby spinach, kale, avocado and quark with a pinch of Maldon salt. I topped it off with raspberries, parsley, chia seeds and coconut flakes. Have a wonderful weekend sweeties!

/ Vapaa päivä ja ihana hiljainen hetki kotona vihreän smoothien kera., mihin tulee banaania, pinaattia, lehtikaalia, avokadoa, rahkaa ja ripaus suolaa.Minulla on ollut tosi hektinen viikko takana niin tänään on ollut ihanaa rentoutua.
Ihanaa viikonloppua kauniit! xxx

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