Nautical Beach Wear in Italy

nautical bikini

By the sea in Italy, Monopoli

Yet again, the nautical theme is making its way back to spring fashion so I wanted to share this moment from Monopoli Italy. Sometimes when you are on holiday, it is important to dress in layers so you are prepared for different situations and do not need to run back to the hotel all the time. I find a maxi very convenient and easygoing as it adapts to the surroundings quite well! Underneath my top, I’m wearing a blue and white stripe bikini that came in handy when Mr. N and I stopped to admire the sea view. We sat on the rocks for a while catching the warm rays and once we went for lunch I through on a loose silk blouse and a long thin chain. The beach look changed into a chic lunch attire in just a minute. I really love the combination of a maxi and a bikini and these blue tones merge together fabulously suiting the vibes of this coastal town.

/ Merihenkinen tunnelma Monopolissa

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