‘Pale Blue’

pale blue4
jeans & Blouse/ Zara, Heels/ Billi bi Copenhagen, Necklace/ Efva Atling & Dana Levy
‘pale blue kind of day’

A glimpse of the sun comes out and I pull out my light grey/khaki coloured heels from the closet to take for a stroll on the dry streets! Today of course, the roads are filled with snow again so the sight of these lovely heels was rather short, but pleasant indeed… I recently found this pale blue blouse and I am loving the colour and ‘easy’ style of it. The sleeves are extra long so they drape beautifully elongating the upper body and I love how the shirt falls effortlessly against my body. Also the sleeves are thinner in material as the rest of the blouse has a lining underneath so the appearance is quite delicate once the light reflects of them. The lining makes the top much warmer, softer and comfortable against the skin, which is a big plus for me as I am always cold! Mr. N and I were on our way for coffee/tea, just a bit of us time after a long week behind us. I think I will use this blouse a lot in the summer with something like white skinny jeans or a maxi with lots of patterns on it. This is definitely coming to Santorini with me!

/Haalean sinisen sävyinen silkki paita

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