Saturday Evening

getting ready

Saturday evening was a complete spontaneous evening of going to town for a couple of drinks. My friend is leaving to Bali for 3 weeks so she had a couple of friends over to her house and from there we out to town for a glass of wine. Those unplanned evenings are usually the best kind as originally I thought I would stay home and just have a relax. Here are a couple of snap shots of my jewelry box, when I was getting ready for the evening.

My favourite Jo Malone perfume, orange blossom

Nude lipstick by Mac, creme d’nude, even though I ended up switching to red in the end.

Essie pink/blush nail polish, eternal optimist

jewelry and a glass of dry wine

The weather is wonderful this morning, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and I’m drinking tea in bed with my laptop. Mr. N and Bella are still asleep, but soon it’s time for breakfast and a trip to the forest for a lovely morning walk. Have a wonderful sunday darlings xx


getting ready1

getting ready 2

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