A lemon balm kind of morning.


Good Morning lovely readers.

Lemon Balm, one of my favourite herbs during spring/summer because of its lovley citrus flavour. I often use it in salads, drinks and breakfast dishes. It works well for desserts and really a little sprinkle adds a vast amount of freshness. As soon as the weather begins to get warmer, I will plant huge bushes on my balcony like last year!

Spring is close, I can feel it in the air. At the moment the sun is blasting through our windows and the entire house is a bright reflection of early spring. This morning I have been active and took the dog out for a long walk and then went to the gym for a much-needed workout. My post workout snack is a delicious bowl of greek yogurt with chia/almonds/cashews, nectarines and sprinkles of lemon balm.

/ Aamuhetki


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