Red & Blue Checks

Pants, shirt, boots/ Zara, Scarf/ LV, Sunglasses/Rayban

Casual flair.

Sometimes it just feels right to wear an oversized cotton shirt, where comfort comes before anything. It just happens to be so that checkards are in trend and quite stylish when dressed correctly. I love the combination of leather and plead but today I’m wearing strechy black pants, a large scarf and high loose boots. I like the red, blue and white colour scheme of the pleads, it has a bit of ‘ralph lauren eqestrian’ style to it with a hint of lumberjack! I mean it’s not too preppy as it has the right amount of causal flair to it. Here we are taking a walk with Bella in the amazing sunny weather. I planted myself right infront of the sun and enjoyed the warmness against my face. Hello D vitamin! Of course I have my green/blue aviators on, the colour that I never seem to get sick of! Ps. I can’t believe how long my hair is getting, it just seems to be growing much more than it used to. I guess the biotini pills are finally kicking in!

Have  a wonderful day darlings





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