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It’s official that avocado is the most popular toast topper today, whether it is smashed, sliced or spread! This easy but perfectly balanced combination pops up on social media on a global scale and I fully understand why. I’m guessing they don’t call is nature’s butter for no reason as its sinful creamy texture oozes of flavour. So it is only natural that avocado was the center of attention at our kitchen this morning.

Avocado mush looks good and can can easily adapt to a brunch setting. I like the fact that you can spread the paste yourself on the toast making it a social kind of breakfast. Mr. N really likes this toast as well, especially the spicy kick from the Italian chili flakes.

Too simple to make. In a mortal and pestle, mush some avocado, Maldon salt flakes, ground black pepper, a small squeeze of lime and a selection of herbs. I used a bit of basil and lemon balm but everything seems to work.  Toast some rye bread and let it cool until it becomes crispy and hard, almost cracker like. Spread some avocado mush on the toast and sprinkle some chili flakes on top. I actually used a spice that I brought back from Milan the last time, that has a bit more than chili in it. It has dried olives, chili and a selection of peppers in it.  Serve with a hot cup of green tea and organic honey.

I mean, your day could start in a much worse way! Take care sweeties!

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avocado rye toast

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