Saturday Beauty Tip


Good Morning, welcome to my bathroom – It’s time for a tall glass of lime water and a moisturizing facial.

Last night I attended a friend’s birthday party and we had a blast! The evening involved champagne to delicious finger snacks and quality time with friends! We ended up going to a night club but I couldn’t stay out that long as this morning I’m stopping by work and running some errands with Mr. N before going for a dinner to my brother’s and sister in laws house. Can’t wait, we have a thai- evening in store for us! I have a feeling these two incredible cooks have quite a culinary experience planned for us.

I want to feel refreshed for the evening, so this morning began with a long shower and a refreshing skin hydrating masque by dermalogica. This masque is one of my trusted beauty products and use often on the weekends to rejuvenate my skin.  I keep it on for about 10  minutes and afterwards my skin feels refreshed, soft and healthier.  It gives a boost to the face. Then I add on my daily moisturizing cream but I add a few drops of hydrating booster to it. This product is another item that I love and use about every third day! It adds extra vitamins, relieves fine lines and hydrates even more. Have a wonderful weekend darlings!

Beauty tip: To refresh and help lift moisture levels

Dermalogica skin hydrating booster (small bottle) & Dermalogica skin hydrating mask



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