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Hat/ Borsalino, Scarf/ Gucci, Knit/Zara, Gloves/ Local boutique in Milan, Sunglasses/Rayban

Timeless beauty

Made it Italy, the Borsalino hat is an all time classic and an iconic symbol of prestige and quality craftmanship. When my friend and I were in Milan, I couldn’t resist in taking a peek at their cute little boutique in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. My eyes were drawn to this deep petrol blue colour and I instantly found myself trying the felt hat on my head. I mean, what’s the harm in trying, right? Well… I couldn’t leave the stroe without it!

I fell in love with the refined blue shade and the way the hat sat perfectly around my head. I have an extremely small head size so it felt amazing to find something that doesn’t fall on my eyes. At that moment, I knew it had to come home with me. The felt hat is made from rabbit fur and takes about 7 weeks of pure craftmanship to complete. The process has been passed down from generations and that is why it feels hand-made as each hat has an immense amount of work put into them.

“The rich and famous as well as celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio, Denzel Washington, Justin Timberlake, Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell, and John Malkovich are immortalized wearing the unique style of the living legend of the most prestigious brand of hats in the world.” –




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