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I often talk about ‘nordic lifestyle’ and refer to it as a way of living or really a state of mind.

I have recently been asked what I mean by it so I thought I would right down a few lines in this post as I am in the midst of the wilderness. To me it is an organic way of life, and by organic I mean there is a certain respect and found unity for our beautiful nature; lakes and forest. There is an appreciation for the material around us and we intertwine it with our cooking. It is key to use pure and simple ingredients that speak for themselves. For example, there is no better feeling than eating your own picked porcini mushrooms or eating a freshly catched perch. There is a love for clean architecture, white washed drift wood and natural beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I love many materialistic things, but in the back of my head, there is a blissful state of mind that comes from our humble nordic settings. Often less has a much more decadent result.

Today, it feels like spring is well on its way, there are peaks of grass at sight and the birds have come out to play. Mr. N and I took a lovely morning walk in the forest and yearned for those lovely warm summer days. They say Spring will come early, and I think I might actually believe it now.

Today’s outfit is something I feel totally comfortable in. Rugged ankle boots and a feminine lace top paired with an oversized fur vest. I love the contrasts in this vest, it’s completely natural in colour. As mentioned before, the vest is made from Finnish fox and is completely ethical, so I can wear this guilt free! Read more from here.

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I’ve been practising my photography skills and have begun shooting in RAW format. It is true what they say, the quality is completely different. I barely have to edit the photos as you can play around with the functions while shooting to capture the perfect frame. I’m not the best, but practise makes perfect! I’m really happy with the soft colouring of these photos, capturing the stillness and calmness in the surrounding.  I was surprised how blue my eyes turned out in these pictures, I haven’t retouched them at all!

Have a wonderful day lovely readers! xxx




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    • Oh thank you! I literally just started shooting in RAW this morning. It takes a bit of effort but trust me it is so worth it. The pictures are much more clean because of the format, with automatic, it doens’t even come close. The only problem in RAW, is that it takes a lot of space on the computer and it takes much more time to set everything manually. I’m thinking how will this work on holiday when everything is a bit more fast pace! 🙂 I want to improve my food photography skills as well. I love to set up everything and capture a feeling. I think your photos are great, but just try shooting with RAW when you have time to put in it, trust me- it will be worth it!

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