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Being a tea lover at heart, I sip on the warm goodness throughout the entire day. I usually drink clippers green or white tea but a cup of black earl grey with a splash of milk is a comforting choice every now and then. However, a little variety is good and if you already haven’t introduced this spicy blend to your weekly routine, I suggest it becomes your new best friend! Yes it takes a little more time to make than dipping a tea bag into hot water, but a few minutes out of your schedule is well worth it!

I feel this tea suits early spring time, maybe because of its soft pale yellow colour that reminds me of Easter. It is a known fact that pastel colours are a symbol of spring fashion from egg-shell yellows to mint greens and baby blues, so I can see a sense of connection here. What ever it may be, this blend tastes wonderful and brings an entire new meaning to your afternoon tea.

‘Cleansing the body and mind.’ This home-made lemon and ginger tea is not only a remedy for curing cold, it has many internal and external health benefits. It gives a boost to the immune system and releases stress, so this afternoon I except all of you to be holding a cup of ginger lemon tea in your hands. This tea is your one-stop-drink to stronger hair ( vitamin a & c) and flawless skin. Ginger and lemon are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help improve your digestion leading you towards smooth clean skin and protects it from infections. This tea tastes great either warm or cold and I usually make a large batch of it (about a litre) and drink it through out the day. During the summer, it makes a fabulous thirst quencher, served as a lemonade with lots of crushed ice and fresh mint in it. For a similar version of this tea, see this juice recipe.

To make this lovely tea, you blitz 3 large lemons and a generous chunk of fresh ginger. Add about 3-4 cups of water depending on how strong you want the lemon to taste. Do not dilute it too much though, as it needs to a have a bit of a kick to it. Once blended in a blender for a couple of minutes, it becomes a frothy pale yellow colour. Now transfer the juice into a saucepan and heat. Let it come to a boil and then instantly lower the temperature as you do not want to destroy all the precious vitamins in it. Add some honey to sweeten the tea. Voilá your wonderful lemon ginger goodness is ready!  Why don’t you give this ago for the sake of feeling energetic on the start of the weekend!

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lemon ginger tea

lemon ginger tea4

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