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friday home

‘Touches of Spring’

Friday. A major spring cleaning session has been complete, the house is spotless and the brightness is beaming inside from all the windows. Even though it is cold and quite gray outside, I live on the top floor so it is naturally much lighter up here. The sun reflects from all the white surfaces creating a tranquil calm space, that I call home.

Yesterday, Mr. N had planned a date night and surprised me with lots of white tulips and a delicious three course dinner. We spent the evening in the kitchen, enjoyed great conversation while I was sipping on a glass of dry white wine, he was cooking away. I was certainly inspired by the food we ate and will be sharing some of the recipes soon!  He also bought me tones of coconuts that I have been nibbling on all morning! Too delicious!

Green = Spring. I’m loving the spots of green amongst all the soft tones, especially my mini herb garden in the kitchen. At the moment, I have oregano, rosemary, thyme, flat leaf parsley, kale, basil and lemon balm. I use fresh herbs in almost all my cooking, I think it adds so much to the food and presentation. As the months begin getting warmer, I will transfer my balcony into an Italian corner filled with herbs, lavender, vegetables and small olive trees! I love the feeling at my house, I think it has a balanced mix of old and new elements. There is a definite city feel to it with modern clean surfaces, but the character builds from old pieces inspired by the rustic Scandinavian country. I also have orchids scattered all over the appartement, which adds a harmonic touch and a feeling of zen. The only thing that is missing from the living room is the white carpet, as it is momentarily drying as it’s been washed. I hope everybody has a wonderful cozy weekend filled with smiles and great moments. xxx

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My morning began with a detoxing green juice made from lemons, spinach and kale. A perfect way to start your friday!

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  1. What a beautiful house, full of light, and with a nordic touch indeed. There´s peace and calm in the photos, too, I bet this is a perfect, chic, but cozy cocoon to you.

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