‘Pomegranate Gin’

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Friday Drink

Hello weekend! I’ve had an early wakeup today at 5am and I was already at 6am at work so I’m happy to be at home taking it easy. Despite having a bit of a flu, this weekend is going to be an exciting one as we are going for dinner to our friends house tomorrow. Today as been a long day, so now it is time for a refreshing drink and put my feet up on the sofa. This is basically a gin and tonic with the added pomegranate and rosemary for some extra deliciousness. I think it works even though many can say I’ve killed the classic cucumber Heinrichs combo! Luscious and deep red, just the perfect Friday drink!

How to make?
  • Pomegranate Juice and Seeds
  • Tonic
  • Heinrichs Gin
  • Rosemary/ thyme
  • Ice cubes

friday drink

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