Oversized White Blouse & Blueberries

white blouse & blueberries

Saturday Bliss

What is it about an oversized white blouse that makes me feel so calm and good?! I love to wear this flowy silk top with ripped jeans, lace shorts, leather pants or just for lounging around at home on the weekends. It really goes with anything, simple and effortless, right up my ally! As you all know my house builds from soft pale tones, so this blouse blends into the surrounding rather seamlessly.

As mentioned yesterday I had a very early morning today, but I’m happy to be back home with a long free day and evening.  Today has been a day of pampering, where I’m enjoying a moment to myself before Mr. N gets home.  I’m currently nibbling on some blueberries, had way too many cups of clippers green tea and just finished a pretty avocado toast. I’ve taken a long hot shower, painted my nails, nourished my lips with Elizabeth Arden’s eight-hour cream, hydrated my skin with a cucumber face mask and now I’m relaxing and feeling grateful about this lovely saturday.

Today’s perfect saturday is made from –

Waking up early to complete all earrands and still have the entire day ahead of me, blueberries, diptyque Baies scented candle, clean bed sheets, the sound of seagulls, woolen socks, a long walk with Bella, the feeling of silk against my skin, eating something delicious (on the sofa) with my love, the smell of my oregano in the kitchen. Knowing the fact that I have a bunch of figs in the fridge that I will indulge in later. The feeling of comfort I get from being at home. The weather is quite cold today, so I feel blessed to stay indoors, go early to bed and allow myself to fall into a deep relaxation. Right now, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Oh wait I could.. fresh flowers and a couple of pieces of spicy tuna norimaki!

Hugs & Kisses

white bouse & blueberries1

white blouse & blueberries2

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