Leather & Nike free Trainers

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Pants, knits/ Zara, Trainers/ Nike Free, Sunglasses/ Rayban, Bracelet/ Hermes

‘Archipelago lifestyle in light blue Nike trainers  & leather pants’

Hi there lovely readers!

Finally it is Friday again and we have a moment to slow down! I’ve had such a hectic week behind me so I’m ready for the weekend to begin. Today I have an exciting collaboration with Gant Rugger, so my dear friend and I are going for a late lunch and a glass of wine before the launch party. It is so nice to go to town and see some people as I have basically been at home or work for the past weeks. We have finally bought a new blender since our old one died on us, that has been at constant use! I’ve been making smoothies, juices and soups almost on a daily basis.

The weather is sunny, the days are getting longer and I love the springness amongst us. We had a moment of snow, but it has melted away like yesterdays news and we are back on track to warmer days! Speaking of yesterday, Mr. N and I took a lovely walk in the evening by a small island (Uunisaari) in our neighbourhood and enjoyed the amazing glistening sea and sunshine. The views are breathtaking and clearly need no introduction. I don’t know what it is about the archipelago atmosphere, I think it is imprinted in our Finnish souls that we all naturally love giving us a feeling of calm and a perfect state of mind.

Sporty vs. Style

I’m wearing light blue Nike free trainers that are so comfortable and easy-going. I love it that they have made a place for themselves in the fashion industry and can be paired with almost anything and still look stylish and trendy. I also have a pair in neon green, which are quite funky for the summer! My favourite combination is to pair the trainers with leather pants and a loose knit or ripped jeans and a fitted blazer. Nevertheless, yesterdays style was a combination of comfort and style, casual for an evening walk but still stylish enough to stop for a tea or wine at a nice cafe!

Enjoy an amazing weekend! Hugs & Kisses

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  1. hot pink sounds good =) Yes I saw the liebster award nomination, I’ve been so busy though I havent had time to respond to it! I’ve recieved the nomination already before, not sure if it is of any use really.. but thank you anyways =) xxx

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