“Staycation” – Gant Rugger Women SS15

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*in collaboration with Gant Rugger

‘It is all about the staycation’- No need to go anywhere, the SS15 collection will bring the holiday to you!

With this mindset, yesterday´s Gant Rugger Women’s launch party was all about introducing the collection to our markets. Right off the bat, my first impressions were “this is right up my ally” as there is a mix of East coast Ivy style with casual relaxed elements. There is a humble degree of effortless chic, a preppy Hampton look with some urban coolness. A definite appreciation for that New york- kind of city life! Rugger reinterprets the Ivy-style without losing its soul and flair for history, yet it is modern, clean-cut cool, young and ready to make a statement in Finland!

Now, if you already haven’t heard of the phenomenon #girlsingantrugger that exploded in NY, it is time you become on board with the trend! A lot of women used to shop at Gant rugger’s menswear in the NY store, where they were combining washed-out denim boyfriend jeans, high heels and loose knits creating flawless looks. This trend was followed by a blog post using #girlsingantrugger that sparked other women to use the hashtag and post online pictures of similar outfits. Once social media was onboard, the concept spread sparking Filippa Hallstensson, Head of Design, Gant Rugger to create a women’s collection.

A rugger women is a sophisticated woman in her late twenties who is well-traveled, prefers chic city locations rather than sunny beaches. She also loves interior design, art, aricitecture, good books and carries herself with poise but does not mind getting her perfectly manicured nails in dirt! She is a confident woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it! How can you not love this ideology? I suppose a rugger women is what we all strive to be, so lets start with the wardrobe!

“This summer, there’ll be no need to haul out that suitcase. The vacation comes to you. Take the time to explore the incredible sights of NYC, and we’ll sort you of with the perfect wardrobe to do so. Soak up some sun by the pool, or stroll across the famous Williamsburg bridge. Fall in love with home. Ripped-knee jeans paired with our silk camisoles work together as a killer contrast combo for a day about town, or throw on a lightweight knit and show off your layering game. We’ve perfected the balance between playful tomboy and urban femme fatale look, offering a line-up of styles from a perfect cut blazer to a set of silk and shiny pieces. All the perfect pieces for the perfect staycation wardrobe. ” – Gant Rugger Women


“There won’t be a grand vacation this year, Spring ’15 is an homage to “the summer in the city”. Its a staycation.

As the evening rolls smoothly, guests enjoy delicious finger foods (catered by Kolmas Linja) from tuna carpaccio to Asian style seared beef to a mouth-watering pannacotta. The bubbly was flowing with little gold flakes in the bottom of each glass, while the band, Brandon was setting the mood with their funky beats. Meanwhile, the L’OCCITANE station was giving out relaxing hand massages as the crowd was social and hungry to see the new products. You could tell the women were excited about the new pieces, not only by the lengthy line to the dressing room but also from the positive responses. The fabric of every piece was just so incredible, I honestly could not have been more impressed!

” She’s into detail and quality without any fuss”

I particularly loved the lace shorts and matching blouse. They were heavy, embroidered beautifully (see middle photo below) with tiny details, something I could totally see myself in. There also was a lightweight blooming bomber jacket (see right picture below) made from super soft twill fabric that was a crowd pleaser and a darling flower kimono that needs to be your partner in crime at poolside this summer! There were worn in Oxford shirts, easy tees, pastel pleads and nautical inspired knits. Overall, the look is feminine and classic with a masculine somewhat modern twist. The collection keeps that warm weather wardrobe as playful as possible perfect for all your dreamy summer adventures. So ladies, begin saving up as this is something we all need in our wardrobes!

 In Finland, find Gant Rugger Women in Gant stores in Kamppi, Galleria Esplanad, Turku and  the BomeR store in Sello.



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  1. I also loved their clothes- I’ve always liked gant as well but the rugger collection has a fun casual flare to it =) xxx

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