Sunday Breakfast in Bed

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“Easy like Sunday morning”… ahhh I Iove sunday mornings, especially when breakfast is served in bed! How are you spending your morning?  We went out to a friends party last night where the night continued with dancing at a club- we had lots of fun, even though now my feet are killing me from my high heels! So worth it though! Now we are happy to enjoy this slow morning in bed as today we have nothing special on our agenda, so I’ve decided to make a breakfast treat.

I’ve made a crispy wheat toast with peanut butter, strawberries, blueberries, figs and toasted nuts. It is a lovely combination of sweet and salty, too delicious!! I’ve used an organic peanut putter that has less sugar so it is not really sweet in taste, it has a kind of tangy flavour to it. It is delicious and works so well with figs and nuts. Mr. N is sipping on his cappucino and reading the morning news while I am nibbling on my toast, writing this post and scouting through my favourite blogs on my laptop. I am also on my second cup of black tea with milk and lemon. Today I needed strong earl grey to wake me up from last nights festivities!

We are officially on summer time now, as the clocks changed an hour forward last night. Yes, this means waking up earlier, but on a more positive note, it also means Spring is definitely here! The morning light is entering through our window, Bella is still asleep in her bed and this little breakfast treat brought amps of good feeling to our easy morning. Again, this is the perfect example of how a little effort can go a long way! It was a pleasure eating such a pretty toast, I took the time to appreciate each bite and dozed off into a dream land of flavours! I try to make the most out of small things, dress up my breakfast and serve it with a dash of positivity. Life in general is something you don’t necessarily fly through so easily, so why not make the most of small things that can give you a little pleasure. A tiny escape from reality can be as simple as a darling toast in bed.

Lets all enjoy this wonderful weekend and do something that makes us smile or better yet, make someone else smile.


hugs & Kisses

Sunday Breakfast in bed (1 of 1)

Sunday Breakfast in bed2. (1 of 1)

Sunday Breakfast in bed4. (1 of 1)

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