‘Easter Blooms’

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Happy Easter darlings!

What type of plans do you have this Easter? Our plans are to make some good food from delicious seafood to asparagus and of course roasted lamb shanks. I will be sharing some recipes later! I’ve planned a date night for us on Saturday so it will be lovely to cook for my man as yesterday he took me on lunch date to Porvoo old town.

I also have some work to attend to, but that does not matter, I have planned early mornings for work so the evenings are free. We plan to take long walks with Bella, enjoy a couple of glasses of wine and spend a relaxing Easter in the comfort of home. In terms of Easter decorating, I am a lover of delicate flowers, there can be subtle hints of pastel and green in the mix, but by all means not bright yellow, but a faint egg-shell is beautiful!

Today’s evening treat was a large cup of white tea with honey and creating flower arrangements for the weekend. Enjoy a lovely chocolate filled Easter!

Hugs & Kisses

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