Tea Break

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‘A hot cup of tea & a good nights sleep’

A small luxury in life is to feel well rested. After a every night to bed it is a pleasure waking up to a new day feeling refreshed and energetic. My morning was well spent at work and now I’m back at home enjoying a tea break. I’ve just had a long shower, sprayed some Jo Malones orange blossom perfume, threw on a loose blouse & now I’m gazing outside the window at the rain enjoying an overly large cup of tea with a hint of honey. Today Mr. N and I have a date night. I’ll be setting it up this time and will be cooking asparagus with hollandaise sauce and slow roasted lamb shanks. I have a white wine chilling in the fridge too. I hope everyone is having a joyous easter time, make your small moments worthy! ps. I saw a couple of easter bunnies this morning when walking Bella in the park. So cute!

xxx hugs

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