Lunch in Charming Porvoo

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‘Charming old town in Porvoo’

A couple of days ago, Mr. N & I spent a day in Porvoo old town. We walked around the sweet boutiques and old antique stores, lunching at a modern scandi bistro and visiting the small cafes. Porvoo old town is a cute place to visit especially during the summer, it is about a 40 minute drive from Helsinki. I love the gingerbread style church located on top of the hill and the cute wooden houses by the river. Everything here is very idyllic, from the pebble roads to the rustic cottages.

Today’s attire is a simple fitted navy blazer, skinny jeans and a black cotton shirt underneath. A Hermes belt and short leather gloves for a bit of edge. We lunched at ‘Sinne bistro’ where I ate some onion soup with slow roasted pork, salmon and a pistachio raspberry brioche. The food was super delicious, minimalistic and so nordic. A great day all in all!

Here you can see a prior link from Porvoo during the summer time.

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