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How to get that natural glow?

Every woman wants to achieve that makeup-less look and it can easily be done with a couple of highlights to accentuate some face features. First of all, a really refreshing summer/ day time look is to only apply mascara on your top lashes. Especially if you have long lashes as I do, it can sometimes create shadows and look a bit heavy at the bottom so this really lifts up the face. Then apply some light eyeshadow underneath ( I use MACs shroom satin) your bottom eye lashes and the inside edges of the eyes. This brings out the colour of your eyes adding a brightness effect.

Now begin to apply the highlighter to your face for that glowing effect. Make sure you find one that complements your skin tone, I use quite a cold shade that has less yellow colour in it. I use MACs prep + prime highlighter called radiant rose. This one lasts forever and has become an essential step in my makeup routine. Once you apply a bit of the highlighter on the areas (see below), smudge it gently with your fingers to blend into your skin. Do not use too much, it has to look subtle reflecting naturally in day light.  After the highlighter, use a bit of blush to add contrast to your features near the cheek bones, jaw line and on top of the forehead. These little tricks will give your face a fresh look with a natural “makeup-less” glow that we all crave for. The highlighter is perfect during summer time when you have a bit of a tan. No makeup needed, just a great nude lip and a couple of highlights here and there!

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