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‘good morning darling readers’

How is everyone doing today? I enjoyed a wonderful free day yesterday where my morning began with a big colourful bowl of goodness. Berry heaven to be exact! It included some quark, a mixture of berries, granola and refreshing lemon zest and mint leaves. Too delicious and ever so pretty and quite the reminder of those delicious summer flavours! The raisin granola is rather sweet in flavour so the lemon zest adds a lovely citrus punch to balance the taste. So simple yet so rewarding, breakfast for sure is my favourite meal of the day, especially ones that start like this!

I had such a productive free day as I managed to go jogging in the morning, that I feel so happy about. I haven’t had time to exercise in a while so I noticed I was bursting with energy and it felt so good to sprint and sweat in the fresh air! I feel so much better now that I actually went! I’ve also managed to clean the house, change the bed sheets, clean my closet, get a couple of paintings framed and go to the food store. I’m back at work today and back to regular routines. Mr. N is away for a couple of days so it is just Bella and I enjoying some quality girl time!

hugs & kisses

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