‘Lemon Mint Water’

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Sometimes a refreshing lemon and mint water is what you need on a rainy day. At the moment the raindrops feel very comforting and I am so content at home after a long day. As someone once said, ” raindrops are the perfect lullaby” and that seems so true as the drops make a calm soothing sound and it feels cozy indoors. Mr. N is on his way home, I’ve set a little evening snack for us- some sandwiches, fruit salad, tea and flavoured water. I’ve already had three glasses of this lemon mint water, I have an itchy cough and this seems to help it at the moment. It also tastes so delicious and fresh, I add a good squeeze of lemon and lots of ice cubes. This pretty glass is also the ultimate summer drink on a hot day – perfect during the day in the sun or a dinner party al fresco style!


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