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This morning it felt like the flu has completely taken over me, so I was in desperate need of a hydrating vitamin boost. I automatically opened my fridge and pulled out everything dark green. My eyes still half-shut at 6 am, I turned on the espresso machine for Mr. N and plugged the blender into the wall. I began adding all the healthy basic green ingredients including lots of spinach, romaine lettuce, ginger, lemon, dates, kale and water. I blended everything into a beautiful dark green frothy juice and sipped it through out the day! Sometimes when I feel I am about to get sick, I pack my body with extremely healthy ingredients to make me feel better from the inside. A basic green juice is really easy to make, the main idea is to use lots of dark green leaves and vegetables because of their health values. The dates add a nice sweetness, prunes and raisins would work well too! The idea of blending all the greens into a juice allows it to absorb into my body quickly and effortlessly. This blend tastes totally delicious, my man enjoyed it as well, which says something about the juice! Have a healthy saturday, this lady is going early to bed hoping for a better day tomorrow! Green juice & sleep is the best medicine for this flu! Much love darlings! xxx

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