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Pants/ H&M, Shirts & cardigan/ Zara, Heels/ Christian Louboutin

‘After the rain, the air feels so fresh and alive’

Today’s attire seems more dramatic than usual, far-fetched from my regular more dainty boho style outfits. The rain has finely stopped and the air is quite chilly so I wanted to wear my oversized woolen cardigan that I could snuggle into. With a hint of masculinity, I like the row of buckles down the front of the cardigan. It can easily transfer from a preppy ralph lauren-esq look to an all black Parisian chic style. It is versitile, easy-going and completly practical.

Today’s darker vibes build from a plead shirt making the style more casual balancing out my 11 inch heels. I barely ever wear these as they are so high, but today I pulled them out and decided to give them a go! Yep… these heels are definitely made for sitting and moving from place a. to b. with a taxi! I added some bright red lips to an otherwise quite natural makeup. Time to do some major cleaning now as my dear friend is coming over for 1st of May brunch!


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