Tea & Honey

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‘When it rains, all you need is tea & honey’

Good morning my darling readers! How are you today? The sky has fallen into heavy rain and as I watch from my kitchen window at the thick rain drops, I feel sorry for the nesting mother seagull that is completely soaked protecting her precious eggs.

I am also dreading the fact that I have to take Bella soon for a walk and the fact that our balcony is getting new white drapes today and the installation will not be fun in this weather! Not very nice to put beautiful new white fabric out in this weather! Well, as it is only a little past 7 am, I’ve decided to enjoy a moment of tea & honey before the day begins. I’m happy to have a free day today, I have lots of little chores planned but looking forward to it all!

Yum.. so tasty as the sweetness from the honey hits the back of my mouth and falls down my throat. I have this delicious organic honey that I sometimes sprinkle thyme into. I think thyme and honey make a great combination in desserts, in pies or a cheese plate with figs. Honey is such a wonderful natural sweetener & has the perfect marriage with hot tea in the morning.

ps. I would also like to thank you all, my lovely readers for joining me on my blog. I’ve almost reached 400 readers and I have to give my humble thank you to every single one of you!  I hope this blog has been an inspirational escape to all things good from life. Thank you xxx

Hugs & kisses

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