Spring Veggie Toast & Balcony life

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‘Refreshing & healthy Evening Snack’

May has brought some sunshine to the city & that means our summer living room aka the balcony is back in use! I could not be happier and little by little my tiny green garden is growing. I have been planting herbs and flowers and it is beginning to look alive and pretty! At the moment I have lemon balm, rosemary, mint, oregano, thyme, dill and a hydrangea bush. I want the balcony to remind me of a little piece of italy, so I need some lavender and olive trees (maybe even a small citrus tree) asap! I think I also want some tomatoes & a selection of different lettuce!

Time for a refreshing Veggie toast with my feet up on the railing! The perfect end to a hectic day ends with an evening snack outdoors. Today is the first day we sit and relax on our balcony, I love how white it is now with the new crisp drapes. Today’s snack was inspired by all the lovely veggie toasts and burgers on pinterest, totally clean flavours that really work perfectly together. First I toasted rye bread that has chia seeds on the bottom. Then they have a layer of avocado, a bit of lime juice, mache lettuce, figs and grated raw yellow beets. On top, I sprinkled pumpkin seeds, added ground black pepper & finely chopped spring onions. Yellow beets add a new dimension of flavours to the toast, it is a favourite of mine at the moment! It tastes basically like regular beets, but is much easier to handle because of the colour. It not only looks stunning, but it also has a spicy fresh taste to it when eaten raw. This lovely healthy toast is not only a fab snack but also a great breakfast idea. I love the fact that it tastes so good even though it is bursting with vitamins! Have a wonderful start the week darlings!

hugs & kisses

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  1. Oh thank you sweety! <3 To be honest, this is not that much of gardening, all I did was plant the herbs and flowers into pots =) I do love it though, especially when I use all the herbs as much as possible!

    xx Hanna

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