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Morning lovely readers!

I woke up to Bella licking my arm way before 6 am… I was still half asleep, but she was so cute staring at me with her droopy eyes, I decided to jump out bed and take her for a long walk. There was intense fog and mist in the air, I couldn’t see past 50 metres, spooky but kind of mystical at the same time. I came home and put on my workout clothes and went for a jog! It felt so good to sweat and run in the fresh morning air! I then took a lovely shower feeling energised and refreshed it was time for a green smoothie! This time I blended some pear, lime, avocado, mint and spinach, 100g quark and ice-cold water. The green juice has a sweet yet sour flavour, I love the hint of lime and mint! I have a bust day ahead of me, time to get a move on!

Enjoy xx


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