Wanderlust at sea

monopoli boat (1 of 1) Monopoli, Italy

“wanderlust at sea… is what I could call this day!”

Even though the pictures speak for themselves, I’m still obsessing over the colour of the glittering turquoise water around us, as the traditional mahogany tree sailboat set off to the open waters. Monopoli and polignano a mare look quite spectacular from this angle taking my breath away numerous times. So calm and blissful, a perfect recipe for a relaxed state of mind.

Mr. N and I met the most amazing people on the boat, a father and daughter from Canada whom we spent the entire day and evening with. We clicked instantly and the four of us set sail on the beautiful coast of Monopoli, Italy. We had this huge sailboat all to our selves that was owned by the friendliest local family. The father and cute son were fishing & serving us great foods, while also making sure we had bubbly at all times! The waves were fairly intense, but that did not bother us at all. It was a hot day and Mr. N went swimming while I sun bathed on the huge deck staring in awe at the amazing seafront. The colour of the Adriatic sea was so piercing blue, which is completely different from the Amalfi side. We drove by the famous restaurant Grotta Palazzese (see below) that is known for its amazing cliff view. We spent the entire day at sea and came back as the sun began to set. This experience was a definite James Bond moment, we had small boats pull up next to us taking pictures of us thinking we were celebrities as we drifted along the coast!

As our sailing ended, Mr. N and I quickly went to our hotel to freshen up and change clothes and before we knew it we were back at our new friends rooftop terrace popping another bottle open enjoying the amazing sunset. Our night continued to a fabulous seafood restaurant where we spent a great night eating such fresh flavours! Too bad we had to fly back home the next day as we could have spent more time together! It was a true evening to remember, thank you R. & K.

Monopoli I miss you –

fresh catch of the day! monopoli boat2 (1 of 1)

Time for some bubbly! monopoli boat4 (1 of 1) Above you can see the restaurant Grotta Palazzese monopoli boat5 (1 of 1) monopoli boat11 (1 of 1) Italian family, owners of the boat… and some more bubbly! monopoli boat9 (1 of 1)

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  1. That’s beautiful! I actually went to a wedding at the Grotta and spent some wonderful time sailing on the Adriatic from the Croatia side. Thanks for bring back some fantastic memories. 🙂

    • Oh really! How great is that- what a beautiful destination for a wedding. I can imagine sailing on the croatia side, the views must have been spectacular! I missed polignano a mare on our visit to monopoli, I hear it’s super cute of a town! 🙂

      xxx enjoy the weekend!

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