Aromatic Green Soup

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This healthy & quick recipe is an easy choice if you are craving for something light but tasty with hints of Asian flavours. The broth has an aromatic sweet and salty taste to it with subtle hints from the green vegetable. The added asparagus adds a spring-like taste with the otherwise oriental elements. Make sure you use good quality vegetable stock, or better yet if you have time you could make it from scratch. We enjoyed the soup with a chilled dry pino grigio, a lovely sunday supper after a long day. I finally have my feet up, enjoying a clean house and watching the sun shine through the balcony door. It feels like summer is close. The chili flakes add a great kick to the soup as I did not add any fresh ones this time. The soup is suitable for vegans as well and it is a great way to intake your vegetable dosage of the day. Tasty and simple with basic core ingredients.


  • Vegetable for base (Leek, carrots, ginger, garlic, cabbage, celery)
  • Good Quality vegetable stock & white pepper
  • Classic Asian sauces (sesame oil, light soy sauce, shaoxing rice wine, fish sauce)
  • Asparagus, sugar peas, Japanese long beans
  • Garnish: chili flakes

Slice the onion, ginger, garlic, leek, cabbage and celery into very fine pieces. I left the carrots slightly larger, even though they could have been smaller or better yet, in long fine streaks. Then fry the vegetable over a medium heat for one minute in some sesame oil. Add some good quality vegetable stock. Season to taste with white pepper, light soy sauce, fish sauce & shaoxing rice wine and allow to boil for about 10-12 minutes. Add the Japanese long beans, sugar peas and asparagus and cook for another five minutes. Check if the broth needs some adjusting of flavour. Garnish with chili flakes & serve piping hot!


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