Delicate Sunlight

Morning darlings,

After the rain there is always a glimpse of sun… How beautiful is the dainty sun light in the morning? I tried to capture the magical and delicate softness to the light that oozed peace and quiet, just to suit my mood. It is early morning, the grass is still wet and the hazy tulips are drying from last nights rain. The air smells fresh & there is a sense of calm in the air. The last picture (see below) of the white tulip says it all, I love the blurred raindrops in the forefront. Bella is sitting on top of the hill, listening to the intense chirping of the birds watching life around her. Nobody in sight, Saturday mornings like this are our favourites. Mr. N is still sound asleep and as I get home, I will instantly put the kettle on and make a hot cup of green tea. Today is going to be an exciting day as we have the best dinner company coming over to our place today! Now I’m off to the morning market, have a lovely Saturday!!


morning tulip (1 of 1)

morning tulip1 (1 of 1)

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