Peach Smoothie

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Good Morning,

Still a bit tired from Saturday’s dinner party, this morning I found it more difficult than usual to get out of bed! Being tired is so worth it though because we had the best time ever! We made delicious Chinese inspired dishes from coconut mussels to dim sum to glazed pork belly that I will share with you later! We laughed, had wine, danced and enjoyed great conversation till the early hours!

Today, as I stumbled into the kitchen still half asleep, I switched the blender on. I decided on making a refreshing sweet peach smoothie to get some energy into my system. At the same time I also rearranged my pink roses into new vases. To make the smoothie, blend together 3 sweet peaches, a pinch of salt, quark and a banana. Have a wonderful start to the week!

Hugs & kisses

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