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A positive mindset is what my weekend is all about. This weekend has been a great one, I feel energized, rested and ready to bring on a new week. I was completely inspired by photographer Christina Greve’s knowledge on boosting your energy & productivity levels. I am participating in her lifestyle photography course and I took her advice on starting the day with self-compassion. “Prioritize yourself first – not your to-do list” says Christina.

I am one of those types of people who aways has a “to do” list that seems to never end and my mind is constantly on the go, thinking about what to do next! I love to plan. I rarely give myself proper time to relax, I often feel guilty about it as I know I could be doing something more productive. However, I’ve been slowly learning to enjoy moments as time goes by so quickly, too quickly for that matter. I turn 30 next week and the older I get, the faster time seems to go by… wow 30 now when I actually write it down, it almost seems a bit shocking! This weekend was dedicated to creating morning routines that I absolutely love. Every morning I’ve woken up early and had my morning tea on the balcony amongst my beautiful flowers & herbs. This puts a smile to my face.

Yesterday I enjoyed a cleansing facial at a spa that felt so wonderful and rejuvenating. It has been ages since I treated myself to a facial & it not only gave me a natural glow, but such a boost, mentally. I’ve spent time lunching in the sun with a friend, did a bit of shopping and had long good nights of sleep. I have also been jogging every morning, sun bathed on my balcony, made healthy foods and drank 3 litres of lime water per day. I’ve taken long walks in my lovely neighborhood, drank large cups of green tea and spent time arranging beautiful flower bouquets for the house.

I have noticed that by doing little things that make you happy can alter your mood for the entire made, this in exchange turns into productivity. At the moment I have a smile on my face as I write this, I feel good and ready to spend a sunday evening with my love.

Waking up with a positive mindset and asking yourself what makes you happy trains your brain away from negative thoughts. I hope this post will encourage you to make time for yourself as well, together we can motivate each other to be become better versions of ourselves! Have a wonderful sunday darling readers

hugs & kisses


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  1. That’s a genius idea! I wake up early, but either instantly jump on my phone to check emails or run to workout. Taking a minute in the morning sounds s pleasant – I may have to incorporate that into my everyday!

    • I know! Self compassion really has an effect on your mood that has a positive spiral reaction to everything else :)! Try it 🙂 xxxx

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