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Good Morning!

This morning began with a healthy breakfast full of vibrant delicious flavours. Especially during summer time, I love to eat clean nourishing ingredients just to make me feel better. For almost two week now, I’ve increased my intake of raw vegetables to keep the vitamin intake at a maximum level. I’ve exercised a lot more, drank lots of lime and lemon water and I feel great internally and externally. I actually feel more energized and healthier than before!

Again I was inspired by Christina Greve’s (lifestyle photographer) 21-day sugar-free detox as she said the results were amazing, find her journey from here.  During the 21 days, you are not allowed to eat carbs, dairy, fruits and drink alcohol. You basically build your meals from vegetables and protein (fish, chicken, steak). However, I cannot follow the requirements completely as my June is filled with events including my own 30 birthday this saturday and a trip to Nice… and I can assure you, some rosé is a must in Nice! I also need some carbs in my diet as I exercise a lot.  My goal is not to lose weight, just to give me that amazing internal feeling, external glow and maximise my health!  My version of this detox is that I eat rye bread or porridge in the morning and avoid carbs the rest of the day. I generally eat a healthy protein based diet anyways, but now I eat less dairy, less sugary fruit and more green leaves. I do eat quark and drink milk (dairy) once in a while as it is a good source of protein and calcium. I make lots of vegetable juices, ginger shots and drink more water. I also avoid eating late in the evening and sleep for at least 8 hours a day. I avoid saturated fats. I priorities all my to-do things and make sure I’m giving myself some “me” time and my man and dog. I can tell you, at the moment I feel fantastic and I think this diet (moderated to your own needs) is a lifestyle everyone should generally follow. Consume less sugar, as it does nothing good for you! Of course life should be enjoyable too, enjoy some cake, butter and all that amazing food out there, but everything in moderation.  Life is all about balance and it all starts from inside you. The way you feel internally has an effect on everything else in your life, so you might as well take care of it!

‘Breakfast mode’. It all starts with breakfast, the most important meal of the day and this is based on my inspiration from what I just talked about. With these toasts, you can be as creative (find another version from here) as you want and if you are lucky enough to have a garden, use all those amazing veges you have!  What better way to start a morning than with your own grown produce! *sigh jealous*

I toasted some rye bread and let it cool until it was completely crispy. I spread some creamy avocado on the bottom and topped it with sweet grated turnip from Lapland and carrots. I also added some kale, baby arugula and spring onions. For more healthy energy, I added toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds with a bit of salt. You can add whatever seeds you prefer, but don’t forget to toast them with a bit of salt as this extra effort goes a long way! Toasted flaxseed taste like popcorn! The taste is far more better. For a final garnish and an explosion of summer freshness, I snipped all kinds of herbs from our balcony and scattered a bit of parsley, lemon balm, oregano and thyme on top.

Of course I had a cup of green tea with a drizzle of honey and squeezed the juice of one lime with a bit of water, for a strong wake up kick! loved it! To me, this breakfast was truly heavenly, the flavours are spot on and everything tastes fresh and delicious. It also looks good and provides your body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants making you feel better for the rest of the day. A pretty breakfast gives you a positive mindset for the rest of the day.

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